Stella Darkely

Dialects of Light and Dark...

I want to feel at ease…
I want to feel at ease like the summer’s breeze
Wafting past the lakeshore
Disturbing my tussled hair
making you squint.
A ray of sunlight beams into your eyes
Green, turned almost aquamarine
By the water’s reflection.

Are you mine, my love?
Do you know me?
Can you see me?

Does love linger in your gaze,
Or merely longing for another’s warm embrace?
The solace of this summer’s breeze,
My small hands’ touch and breathy tease
as we kiss…

A listlessness washes over me
And I look at the hand upon my knee
That has traced every contour of this fragile body
Thought crashing upon thought –-
Waters are churning
My gut yearning for a reply that does not come…

Am I the only one that wonders?

“I love you,” you say
sweetly beneath the doze of heavy, hazy eyelids
a seagull’s cry, as if by cue

“I love you so much,” and
my heart surrenders
I do not need to understand.
It is enough –
This hot sun
The water
The wind
And my knee caressingly nestled
Beneath your strong, gentle hand.

© Stella Palikarova, May 25, 2010